Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fall Quilt Retreat

Morning Everyone!

I have had several questions about our fall quilt retreat at Becky's Barn in Grimsley, Tennessee.  Fortunately, I believe we have all our spaces filled at the moment.  If you are interested in participating, please let us know.  If we have people who aren't going to be able to make it, we would very much like to have alternates available who would like to join us for this fun event.

This is the same place we went last year, and anyone who joined us then will tell you what a gorgeous place it is, and how much fun we all had.  If you want to look up the place, go to Google and look up Becky's Barn.  She has pictures of the place inside and out. 

As I said, please let us know if you are interested in being put on the list.  We would love to have all 14 spots full by the time we go.  The quilt retreat is scheduled from August 30th through September 3rd, 2016.

Everyone have a great week!

Quilts from El's Kitchen Block of the Month

Morning Everyone!

I am so sorry it has been such a long time since we have been able to post.  My husband (who built this great website) was having technical issues which have only now been solved.  I will try to do better to keep everyone up to date on the happenings from our shop!

Last Saturday, we started our new Block of the Month, Quilts from El's Kitchen.  This has been our biggest hit to date and we are so excited about having so many wonderful quilters join our Block of the Month, some for the first time!  We started with a quick meeting and then those who chose to stay for our Sit and Sew got busy.  Of the sixteen ladies who came, ten of them decided to stay with us to sew.  We had an absolutely marvelous time.  Of the ten who sewed, I believe five of them got both blocks completed.  There is nothing quite so much fun for a quilter, than to come together as a group and sew, talk, laugh, learn tips and tricks.  It is great!

We took a few pictures of some of our participants with their completed blocks and/or sewing...

As tax time is upon us, I am so bummed that I won't get to see everyone for a couple of months, but I am very excited to see your blocks when I get back the end of April!

Thank you again, Ladies, for making this Block of the Month start the funnest ever!!!

A quick note, the Block of the Month Sit and Sew on March 26th will start at 1p.m.  Since I am not going to be able to be there, Sandra doesn't want her walk in customers taking time away from her being available to help ya'll with any questions you may or may not have.  Also, we will be providing drinks and snacks, but if there is something you want to bring and share with everyone, please do. 

Hope everyone has a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Closing For the Holidays!

Morning Everyone!

Wanted to let everyone know that the shop will be closed over the Holidays.  The shop will be closed from Sunday, December 21st through Sunday, January 5th and will reopen on Monday, January 6th at 9:00 a.m.   If someone needs a project done before December 21st, please make sure you let us know ASAP if you haven't already (all Christmas items have been marked in our book when you brought them into the shop). 

We will let you know as soon as we can regarding our annual year end sale.  Everyone have a great day and rest of the week!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Block of the Month - August

Morning Everyone!

Just a quick reminder to those who are in our Block of the Month club.....all the kits are ready to be picked up......if you are having any issues or problems with the blocks, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Thanks everyone!


New Precuts in at the Quilting Frame!

Hello All:

Well....we are two days away from our last hurrah of seems like this summer passed in the blink of an eye....however, with the extremely hot weather we have had of late, I am sincerely looking forward to the Fall.....

We received our new precuts in last weekend....Autumn Lily from Blackbird Designs.  This line is a beautiful floral for which Blackbird Design is known so well in muted reds, old rose, sage greens, soft French country blues, milk chocolate and creams....gorgeous to the last piece!  We are working on a display piece for the shop.....maybe over this long Holiday weekend we can get it finished.

Also, we have received the bolts in for the Lexington Line by Minck & Simpson....

The top one is a beautiful paisley and floral print on a cream background.  The second is a blue diamond on a medium tan background and we also chose  a simple light cream background with medium blue stars.

We have marked a few bolts and precuts from Moda down 20% to make room for the other precuts we have coming in over the next 6-8 weeks....we have two layer cakes and three charm packs of the Soho Chic line by Sandy Gervais as well as two bolts which are also marked down 20% off....

This is a "Dancing Umbrella" quilt made out of the Soho Chic line using Layer Cakes and Yardage.


We also have two layer cakes left of the line by Holly Taylor called "Wish You Were Here"...

This is a gorgeous line of fall colored fabrics in burgundy reds, deep green, browns, tans and creams....these are also marked off 20%.
Alright, I wanted everyone to see the new line we have in called "Sewing Box" by Gina Martin for Moda....if you have friends who are also sewing or quilting enthusiasts, then this is the fabric for you...bright, colorful, cheerful....I have made a small lap quilt using one layer cake and some purple texture for border fabric.  The pattern is called Dessert Time....

This fabric is so cute with all things sewing would make cute bags, quilts, curtains, pin cushions, sewing machine covers....the perfect fabric to make that special sewing friend something wonderful (or you can always make it just for yourself...we won't tell....).

Well, that's all for this update on what's new down at the Quilting Frame....please stop by and see us this weekend if you are out our way....also, be on the lookout on the blog for news regarding upcoming classes as well as.....perhaps....our Fall Sale (I do love that four letter word)!

Everyone have a safe and fun Labor Day Holiday and we hope to see you soon!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Lexington by Minck & Simpson in at the Quilting Frame

Morning All:

I know I have said this before, but it seems the older I get the shorter my weekends seem to be.....

I wanted to show everyone some samples we have been working on down at the shop made from our newest precuts, "Lexington" by Minck & Simpson.  This is a beautiful line of fabrics in tones of blues, creams, and tans.  We have layer cakes and charm squares available at the shop right now...we sold all the jelly rolls, but have placed an order for more and are hoping we will get these in as well.  In addition, we have ordered three bolts of coordinating fabric to go with this line which we hope will be in soon as the bolts get in we can put final borders on these three sample pieces.  The pattern is one from Quilt In A Day called "Twice as Nice"....all three of these were made from one Jelly Roll (and I had three strips left over). 

Also, we have the precuts for a line by Gina Martin and Moda called "Sewing Box"....anyone of us who has a friend who sews or quilts, this is the perfect line from which to make them that cute Christmas or Birthday gift....sewing notions of all descriptions in fun colors of purple, blue, orange, yellow, creams.....

We are also awaiting the arrival of a line  of precuts by Blackbird Design and Moda called Autumn Lily.....this is a gorgeous line of fabrics in dusky shades of reds, pinks, sage greens, dusk blue and cappuccino browns.  I will let everyone know the minute it arrives.

I sincerely hope you all have a great week, and look forward to seeing you down at the shop!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Block of the Month Club packaging errors....OOPS


I apologize, but when we were labeling the baggies your BOM kits come in, I just realized this morning that they were labeled as being for the "Farmer's Daughter" block, when in actuality it is the "Broken Wheel" block we are doing this month.  I apologize for the error.  If any of you have already started on this block as the Farmer's Daughter, just come down to the shop and we will give you new fabric for the Broken Wheel block. 

Everyone have a fabulous week!