Thursday, February 21, 2013

Completed Block of the Month Quilt!

Morning All:

We are so excited to share with ya'll our completed Block of the Month Quilt.  Hot off my quilting frame Monday, we are very, very pleased with the results.  Well...judge for yourselves:

Margaret, Melissa and I are so pleased with how the colors turned out.  It does measure approximately 94 x 104 so we had to curl the bottom of the quilt up as it was too long for the wall hanger....but it is exactly like the top border.  We used 108" Blank lining fabric, and if you look at the backside of the quilt, you are really able to see the quilting we chose for this. 

Okay, just a quick reminder of the details of the Tales of the First Ladies Block of the Month.   Sign up fee is $40 (+ tax)  (if you make it to the end, you will receive a $30 store credit to use on anything you choose except quilting services).  Each month, you will receive the fabric to make two identical blocks.  The cost per month is $25 + tax.  For this price, you will receive the pattern book and all the fabric to make the top of the quilt.  You will also receive 4 yards of steam a seam which you will need to do the four machine applique blocks in the quilt.  Melissa is going to make these the last two blocks of the club, so she will have time to set up a beginner's machine applique class for those ladies who have yet to try machine applique so they will feel more confident when tackling these.  The machine applique blocks in the quilt  are very easy and you will be more than capable after taking the beginner's machine applique class to tackle these blocks.  When Melissa gets that scheduled, we will put it out on the blog. 

Now, we have two ladies who were so excited they have already signed up and paid their fee.  We have six books we bought at the Quilt Market.  If you are interested, please sign up by March 15th if at all possible.  If we need to order additional books, we want to be sure we have them in before our first meeting on Saturday March 30th at 9:30 a.m.  You are more than welcome to sign up whenever you choose, but if you sign up after March 15th, you may not have a book to start with as we are only ordering books for those who have registered by the 15th of March.  We will get you a book, it just may take a week or so to get it in. 

Now, for the fun stuff.  Melissa will be holding the meetings and will have handouts with dates, etc., at your first meeting regarding meeting times, etc.  As we have told everyone in the past, if you can't make it every week, we will be happy to mail the blocks to you (with a small additional charge for postage), or hold them til you can make it in.  If you want to make the quilt but have a hard time traveling, we will be happy to keep your credit card number on file and just mail these packets out to you each month.  Just let us know what works best, and we will do our best to be as accommodating as possible.  Melissa will be demonstrating some new rulers we picked up in Houston that are used for this quilt for some of these blocks.  We have these available for purchase in the store should you choose to use them.  Melissa is a huge fan of the flying geese rulers and the triangle square up ruler and is excited to show you how much easier this will make it for some of ya'll.  We have an autographed copy of the book which one lucky participant will win, and there will be other things that will be given away during our first meeting. 

We are so beyond excited about this, and hope you all will join us for what will be a lot of fun.  Please email us at or call the shop at 931-682-3746 as soon as you know you want to participate.  Melissa will be sending out an email blast to everyone on our mailing list to let them know the quilt pictures are available for viewing on the blog.  If you have any question, please don't hesitate to email us and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

Hope you all stay warm and have a great rest of your week.  Talk to ya'll soon!

Sandra (and her Elves)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Look at what I have been working on....

Hey everyone!

I am so excited.....Margaret, Melissa and I have got all the blocks done for the Block of the Month quilt.  In my spare time today at the shop, I have been working on the centerpiece of the quilt.  For those of you who will be joining us for this Block of the Month, you will see in the book there are various options for the centerpiece.  This is the one I liked the best, and so chose to use it in the display quilt.  The eagle in the center is from an AccuQuilt Go die that one of my friends ordered and is letting us borrow for the kits for the club.  Here is a picture that I took today when I got everything laid out just the way I wanted.  Consider this a sneak peek of the quilt to come.  We hope to have the top finished sometime next week and hopefully on display in the shop shortly thereafter.  We will be, of course, putting pictures here and will e-mail blast everyone that it is ready for viewing.  Hope you all like it....and hope to talk to you all very soon!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Sandra (and her Elves)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Update on our New Block of the Month

Morning All!

Hope everyone's Monday wasn't too awful!  At least we finally got some sunshine....YEA....this time of year that is a precious commodity.

Wanted to let everyone know we are working feverishly on the quilt.  We are working on the last two blocks and hopefully will have it finished by next week so we can post some pictures for you all to see.  We think the fabric is just gorgeous for these blocks.   Margaret, Melissa and I have also learned a few new things while doing this quilt.  We found out that when we follow the directions in the book, things turn out exactly the way they are supposed to....and when you don't, you realize you probably should have.  Eleanor Burns shows some different ways to do some tried and true quilt blocks and patterns.  Melissa says she doesn't know when she ever did without the triangle square up ruler....

We have done the calculating, and have decided the cost of the club will be $25.00 + tax ( = $27.31) per month for the 10 months of the program.  That price includes all the fabric pieces for the quilt top plus the book we will be using for the quilt pattern.  It also includes the Steam A Seam (four yards) you will need for the five applique blocks.  If you want to participate and can't make it to the once a month meetings, we can either hold it for you until you can get by or mail you the kits at an additional charge to cover packaging and postage.  The first eight months of the club, you will receive the fabric to make two identical blocks of the same pattern.  The ninth month, we will be doing the center piece, and the tenth month will be borders.  There are several specialty rulers recommended for use in making this quilt.  Melissa and I purchased ours in Houston after we used them during the class we took with Ms. Burns.  We have ordered some of the specialty rulers and have them at the shop.  Melissa will be demonstrating how to use these rulers.  If you wish to purchase the rulers, they are available at an additional charge. 

As soon as we have it completed, we will be posting pictures for all to see.  Once you have decided you definitely wish to participate, please let us know and get us the registration fee as soon as possible.  We have six books for this program purchased, and if we need to order more, we want to be sure we have them in time for the first meeting on Saturday, March 30th beginning at 9:30 a.m.  We will only be ordering the number of books needed for those who have registered for the club.  Don't forget, for the first class we have one copy of book we will be giving away that is autographed by the author herself.  There will also be some additional give aways that day. 

Please, give us a call at the shop at (931) 682-3746 if you have any questions, or email us at  Everyone have a great week!

Sandra (and her Elves)